Trica Taghon

February, 17 |

Tricia Taghon is Operations Manager for Plimsoll Productions USA.

In her role, Tricia is responsible for overseeing the day to day office operations for the US office. Tricia’s responsibilities include managing Plimsoll Productions USA ’s IT team, overseeing its communications systems, as well as tracking Plimsoll’s office expenditures and cost cutting procedures.

Additionally, Tricia integrates new staffers into Plimsoll Productions USA’s operations. While problem solving everyday office issues, she also creates ways to make the company grow in a more efficient and productive way with an open line of communication with Plimsoll Productions UK. Tricia is pulling double duty as coordinator for Plimsoll Productions USA’s latest project Rescue Dog to Super Dog which will air on Animal Planet.

Previously, Tricia worked as Director of Operations for RDF USA and Zodiak USA for eight years.

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