Pets Who Hate Vets

Executive Producer: Kate Beetham

Producer/Director: Jenna Mansfield

For thousands of scaredy cats and petrified pups, a routine trip to the vet can turn from basic to bedlam when our pets really hate vets! This pilot documentary looks at the most extreme cases of pet-vet-phobia in Britain.

Our specialist vet team get to work on four of the most extreme cases. They treat the animals in their own homes (if they can catch them!) and more crucially, help the owners get their pets to the vets in future. We also meet the pets who have put their owners in hospital, and owners who’ve gone to extreme lengths to get them out of the door – from inventing new devices to re-arranging their families. The show is punctuated with funny packages of clever dogs and desperate cats – the most badly behaved animals in the country. And we hear from vets who secretly hate pets too!