Train Your Baby Like a Dog

UK pubcaster Channel 4 is set to premiere the pilot for a new docuseries, part of its Features & Formats strand, that offers an unconventional twist on child rearing: what if we trained babies like we train dogs?

Train Your Baby Like a Dog follows dog trainer and animal behaviorist Jo-Rosie Haffenden as she offers up a positive reinforcement approach to raising kids. Instead of teaching them what not to do, Haffenden advocates an approach that stresses motivating and helping children to understand what “to do.”

After using the technique on her own child, Haffenden works with three-year-old Greydon to help him through his daily tantrums and violent outbursts, and with 18-month-old Dulcie, who refuses to sleep in her own cot at night, launching into screaming fits at bedtime.

“If everyone parented their child the same way we’re training our dogs, we’d end up with much more caring and compassionate human beings,” said Haffenden in a statement.

Train Your Baby Like a Dog is produced by Plimsoll Productions, with executive producers Karen Plumb, Amy Joyce and Grant Mansfield, and producer/director Chris Williams. Commissioning editors for Channel 4 Features & Formats are Clemency Green and Vivienne Molokwu.

“If everyone trained their children like dogs, I honestly believe they would be happier, more confident and, yes, a lot better behaved,” added Plumb. “Train Your Baby Like a Dog is a must watch for any struggling parent.”

The 1 x 60-minute pilot will air across Channel 4 on Aug. 20 at 8 p.m.