Plimsoll studies puppies for ITV

September, 16 |

Puppy Secrets: The First 6 Months is a 2 x 60-minute show which will tell the story of four sets of puppies in great detail from their journey as newborns which are unable to see or hear, into full-fledged young dogs.

Throughout the course of the series, a rescue pup is found a new home, a pair of collie pups are chosen to join a top sheepdog trainer, a future assistance dog is put through its paces and a tiny Chihuahua pup negotiates the big city.

Plimsoll’s head of wildlife Martha Holmes said that she was planning a “captivating” programme.

“We’re using some of the most advanced natural history techniques to tell a story that we’ve possibly all witnessed but never really understood the complexity of what’s going on,” she said.

ITV factual commissioning editor Priya Singh, who ordered Puppy Secrets added: “It’s a hugely privileged look into this very special and rarely seen time in a puppy’s early days, packed rich in surprising detail.”

The show will air on ITV this autumn.

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