Small but perfectly formed

Right under our noses, there’s a hidden world. A magical, unexplored universe so full of extraordinary spectacles, larger than life characters, and epic stories of love, action and endeavor, it’s like a real-life Disney movie.

Join us on a series of incredible adventures into the microcosmos – where the forces of nature play out on a completely different scale and where tiny creatures rely on amazing powers and extraordinary alliances to make it through each day.

Armed with the latest cameras and scientific revelations we take you further than ever before into spellbinding worlds to experience a bug’s life in all its mind-boggling detail.

A mini-Epic

A Real Bug’s Life is the most ambitious and innovative natural history series to ever be made. Only now with recent advancements in technology can we bring the wealth of amazing untold stories and unseen spectacles of the micro-world to life. In nine spellbinding episodes, we take you on unforgettable journeys into worlds beyond your imagination to show you what life on planet Earth is like from a bug’s eye view. And in our tenth episode, we reveal how it was all done.

From the hidden world of the backyard to the mysterious monsters lurking in a pond or a universe living on a jungle tree, each episode immerses the viewer within a different microcosm.

Here we meet the extraordinary little characters encountering the giant forces and huge threats that they must face. The storyline in each episode explores a new aspect of little creatures’ lives, the enormous role they play in nature, and how they are adapting to a human dominated world. The tiny heroes that keep their tiny world, and ours, turning.

Following engaging characters and stories, we see how the lives of little animals interact as they struggle to triumph over enormous odds. The plot within each episode interweaves our characters’ journeys and pits them against shared challenges.

A classic but playful storytelling approach employs dramatic and emotional narrative devices to ensure maximum audience engagement throughout each show. Be it a day, a season, or a year, we establish a distinct timeline within which all the events play out and an element of ‘environmental change’ creates inciting incidents, conflict points and escalating stakes.