We make shows highlighting the beauty and fragility of the natural world and therefore minimising our environmental impact is central to all our activities.








We plant trees with Ecologi

Reducing our impact in our offices

We are committed to reducing the impact of our office operations. Our electricity is 100% certified renewable and we source food from local suppliers wherever possible.

We have a zero waste-to-landfill policy. Whenever possible we buy products from sustainable sources with environment-friendly packaging. As well as our standard recycling points, we also use TerraCycle, a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials.

Our Operations Team is constantly working make sure our offices are as environmentally friendly as possible, take a look at our Green Initiatives below for more details.

We also offset all of our staff’s carbon footprint through Ecologi Gold Standard approved projects. Click the counter for information on the projects our donations support.

Plimsoll Office Green Initiatives





Reducing our impact on location

All of our teams are endeavouring to reduce their carbon footprint on location, for example by shoot-sharing, using local camera operators and kit and shipping heavy equipment instead of sending by air (shipping produces up to 40 times less carbon than airfreight). At the end of a production we use Albert to calculate how much carbon we’ve generated. We then offset this amount through The World Land Trust , which uses our donations to plant trees and protect threatened wildlife around the world, ensuring carbon is stored in nature and not released into the atmosphere.

Our Pledge

Net Zero Carbon
Emissions by 2050

Zero Waste by 2030

100% Sustainable
Supply Chain by 2030

We will continue to make great programmes with the biggest impact on the audience and the smallest footprint on the planet.