Seasons 3

In this exciting new primetime series for Channel 4, woodworking enthusiasts battle it out in a bid to be crowned Britain’s Best Woodworker.

Woodworking is a much-loved hobby. Millions of people potter around in their sheds and gardens making wooden objects, but this is the show that celebrates their craftsmanship.

This inspirational series takes place in a custom-built workshop filled to the brim with the very best tools and wood; nestled in stunning woodland. Revelling in the unabashed beauty of the surroundings, this series is a bucolic sensory overload.

The show uncovers the skills and characters of a very special and intriguing world – the world of woodworking – and does so with passion, jeopardy, scale of endeavour – and a bit of sawdust, of course.

Now commissioned for a further 2 series.

It’s amazing. I was in awe of the contestants; they are proper artists
Mel Giedroyc
Presenter, Handmade