Episodes 10

Marcus Wareing, chef extraordinaire, successful restaurateur and workaholic, has spent his whole life in the kitchen, cooking food and inventing new recipes. But now he wants to learn about producing the food that has dominated his whole life.

He wants to break down the barriers between farming and kitchen, immersing himself in learning where food comes from, how it grows, different production methods and, most importantly, what affects the taste of our food.

He’ll be travelling across the country visiting the very best of British producers, farmers and gardeners, each one giving him guidance and inspiration he can bring back to his fledgling market garden.

Throughout the series, Marcus’ discoveries will help him expand and diversify his kitchen garden, inform and inspire his cooking and heighten his talents as a chef.


I can't wait to explore many different parts of the UK and uncover the absolute best of British producers, farmers and gardeners
Marcus Wareing