Plimsoll Partnership with boomsatsuma

TV giant, Plimsoll Productions, partners with the innovative education organisation, boomsatsuma, to offer industry work placements and develop Bristol’s next generation of film and TV talent

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Boomsatsuma has extended its strong ties with creative industries in the West Country, confirming a partnership with Plimsoll Productions, the award-winning, Bristol-based TV company. Plimsoll create premium content for global TV audiences.


Boomsatsuma has developed a raft of new creative degrees – from Visual Effects to Filmmaking – aligned with industry needs and with a primary aim to help prepare young people for industry production roles. Plimsoll Productions has developed work placements that really help students understand the processes behind making programmes, whilst also experiencing the key skill of working as part of a team.


Lynn Sinclair, Director of Talent says: “Plimsoll has a reputation for our focus on equality and diversity, to promote sensitivity and inclusivity in all our work. We are looking forward to welcoming boomsatsuma students to experience the actual process of making programmes, with the aim of preparing them to move into entry level positions on graduation. Boomsatsuma’s commitment to diverse engagement is completely in line with the aims of Plimsoll when it comes to making the film and television industry a more inclusive space.

Freya Billington, Head of boomsatsuma Film School comments: “Working with Plimsoll Productions will enable our students to learn about the realities of the Industry, the skills required to succeed and the chance to explore the specific areas they might see themselves moving into on graduation. Our film courses balance the student’s creative development with real skills learned ‘on the job’ – actually working with, and within, Bristol’s creative sector. This means that our students will be highly employable at the end of their course. I am thrilled our students have the opportunity to work with Plimsoll Productions, such an exciting, forward-thinking company.”

Boomsatsuma’s Executive Dean and Board Director of Bristol Creative Industries, Dr Susan McMillan, also commented: “This enables Plimsoll and boomsatsuma to develop a collaborative partnership that will not only benefit the students and both organisations but also align our talent development plans with the creative strategy for the City and the region. Strong and effective partnerships with organisations such as Plimsoll are essential for the future success of young people wanting to work in the Creative Industries.”

The first students will be on site with Plimsoll later this term.