‘A Real Bug’s Life’: Watch Exclusive Clip Of Awkwafina-Narrated Natural History Series Inspired By One Of Pixar’s Biggest Movies Of All Time

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Disney+ goes small to go big tomorrow with the premiere of Awkwafina-narrated natural history series A Real Bug’s Life, and we have an exclusive clip in advance of launch.

Watch the vid above to see the magic of the orchid bee in all its glory, which gives a feel for the tone of the show.

Inspired by the Pixar movie, A Real Bug’s Life comes from Plimsoll, which has form in this area with Apple TV+’s Tiny World – narrated by Paul Rudd.

Awkwafina is the latest big name to try their hand at natural history narration and she “created a new kind of script, part-narrator, part-visceral reaction, part-bug,” according to showrunner Bill Markham.

“Inspired by the masterpiece that is A Bug’s Life, we approached every film, every scene, by asking what would Pixar do?’,” he said. “A Bug’s Life was so popular because it presented every day, overlooked even disliked bugs as engaging characters with relatable problems, then followed their extraordinary adventures as they battled to overcome them.”

The show is filmed in 4K HDR but Markham said the visuals are made special “primarily by the lenses – a new generation of probe lenses that allows us to get down to bug level.”

A Real Bug’s Life launches tomorrow on Disney+ and is produced by National Geographic and Plimsoll. Martha Holmes, Grant Mansfield and Tom Hugh-Jones are EPs and Markham is showrunner with Helen Williamson.