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Mongoose mania returns to South Africa’s Kalahari Desert as discovery+ unveils Meet The Meerkats, a series narrated by Emmy nominated actor Rob Delaney.

Discovery+ audiences will meet three rescued meerkat families (mobs) who are learning the way of life in the wild for the very first time. Most of the rehabilitated meerkats were snatched from the wild as pups and returned to their rightful home in the Kalahari Desert after being rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. The series will feature dominant female meerkats Zola, Marli, Bela and male Scar in the first mob. The second Meerkat mob is comprised of Marli, Zewli, unborn pups Thandi and Thembi, and Arno. Lastly, the series will also follow another female meerkat named Bela, who raises her young alone after losing her partner. These families must learn what all meerkats born in the wild know: the strict rules of meerkat society and how teamwork is the key to survival.

Meet The Meerkats is produced for discovery+ by Plimsoll Productions where Martha Holmes serves as executive producer, Riaan Venter as director of photography and Virginia Quinn as showrunner. For discovery+, Howard Swartz is executive producer with Joe Mazzeo as coordinating producer.