‘Super/Natural’ Gets September Premiere Date, Trailer From Disney Plus

Benedict Cumberbatch narrates the unscripted series from executive producer James Cameron.

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Usually when you see the word “supernatural,” you think of otherworldly creatures from vampires to zombies and wendigos, but with just a subtle shift, extraordinary animals fit the bill. In Disney+’s forthcoming unscripted series titled Super/Natural, which premieres Sept. 21 on the streamer, executive producer James Cameron and narrator Benedict Cumberbatch (among others) put the spotlight on these animals’ perspectives. See how in a the official trailer, below.

In nature, Cumberbatch narrates in the trailer, “nothing is what it seems. There are creatures all around us that appear ordinary but possess superpowers we are only beginning to understand. … If you think you know nature, think again.”

Super/Natural uses scientific innovations and cutting-edge filmmaking technology to let the audience see through specific species’ eyes and points of view. This includes traveling by land, by sky, and by sea to view flowers as a bee does, listen to conversations between elephant seals, run alongside herds, and fly alongside glow-in-the-dark squirrels.

Additionally, as Cumberbatch notes in the trailer, there are “trees that can talk to each other to fend off an invasion, bees that work at a team to cook their enemies alive, and owls that hiss like snakes in order to survive.

“Welcome to a realm beyond human perception, where the impossible is possible,” he continues.

In addition to Cameron, Maria Wilhelm executive produces for Earthship. Martha Holmes, Tom Hugh-Jones, and showrunners Matt Brandon and Bill Markham also serve as executive producers. The show hails from National Geographic.