Episodes 6

Earth may be the only place we know that’s teeming with diverse life but that doesn’t make it a benign planet. Against all odds, species have found ways to survive in the world’s most inhospitable landscapes – from a scorched desert to the frozen tundra. Every day is a struggle to survive, but animals continue to surprise us by adapting to the toughest challenges.

Set against the backdrop of a more violent and volatile climate, the epic battles for survival take on a new urgency as animals face intensified wildfires, blizzards, droughts and downpours. To some, the new challenges are too much, but others, it presents new opportunities. Hostile Planet is an epic drama told in an intimate manner with new camera technology allowing a close-up vantage point as the animals navigate through their changing landscapes.

Behind the Scenes

It took a 270 strong crew over 3 years to make Hostile Planet. And to capture nature at its most extreme, the team had to survive and operate in some harshest environments on the planet.

Discover some of the behind the scenes techniques used to film the series.
A heartstopping look at wildlife on the edge. This leaves you on the edge of your sofa.
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