This landmark series reveals nature’s apex predators as you’ve never seen them before. The series is filmed all over the world, from the 40 o heat of the Zambian bush, to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Ocean and the shark-infested waters off South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. Using a new, unique and bespoke polycarbonate and aluminium ‘pod’, the Predator team come face to face with lions, hyenas, polar bears and sharks – close enough to carry out a range of original scientific experiments, and to feel the true power (and terror) of the natural world’s most effective killing machines.

From tracking lions on foot through the Zambian bush to setting camera traps for hyenas breaking into a rural kitchen, former US Navy Seal Joel Lambert constantly calls on his own training to find, follow and study the predators. Face to face with a huge male lion, in the middle of the night, even the former Seal feels some trepidation. But what this incredible proximity allows is a series of experiments that would otherwise be almost impossible to carry out in the wild. From a bite force meter to test the power of a lions jaw and teeth to a puzzle box to assess hyena intelligence, the science reveals the secrets behind predator power.