Britain’s Parking Hell – Ticket Wars

There’s a war going on in Britain. All across the country – motorists, councils and private parking companies are fighting each other over one simple thing: parking.

Among major industrialised countries, Britain is now recognised as the worst place to park in the world. Nothing makes Britons angrier than parking: we are spending more on it than ever, with a record number of tickets being issued and a record number of appeals against them being made.

In today’s special, we’re looking at Britain’s most outrageous ticketing incidents and the people who refuse to take their fines lying down.

Last year local councils issued a whopping 5.65 million tickets costing us a staggering 1.6 billion pounds. And private car parks have been fining us at an even faster rate. Last year they issued 6.5 million tickets. That’s a ticketing rate of one every six seconds.

Us Brit’s have had enough and today we follow those who are fighting back.

Its people power vs private parking in Basildon, where the locals take up arms after being caught out on camera at a hi-tech high street carpark.

We take a trip in the hearse with funeral director Phil, who daily does battle with the wardens of Wembley. He once even nearly had his hearse towed away mid-funeral!

We’ll meet a Cornish Columbo, who turned detective when his beloved Robin Reliant was mysteriously moved onto double yellows, earning him £400 in parking tickets.

We find out why there’s rebellion on the normally sleepy lanes of Devon over a beach car park run by out-of-towners.

In Essex, pensioner Chris and his mate Alan are also getting irate about parking. When the carpark at their local shop was taken over by a private parking company who changed the rules, they clocked up 13 parking tickets between them. And they’re not taking it lying down.

And in the Cotswolds town of Cirencester, local trucker Gerry decided to do a good deed by turning a double decker bus into a homeless shelter. But he got a very unwanted early Christmas present when the council slapped his Big Yellow Bus with a Big Yellow Ticket.