Deadly Instincts

Do animals feel emotions, like love or grief? What is instinct and what is learned? What drives animals as they struggle to eat, hunt, raise families, and just plain survive? These are just a few of the questions that Deadly Instincts seeks to answer across six one-hour episodes. Featuring a wide range of animals, the series has a contemporary soundtrack and cutting style, enhanced by dynamic graphics that inform the narration. Sequences start in a point of crisis, then flash back to the unique string of events that led the animal to that moment. Outcomes are never certain.

A penguin’s mate is lost at sea. What led to this wrenching separation? A great hornbill is imprisoned in a tree. How did she get here? Why won’t she flee? In each instance, we go back in time to find the answer, as the crises unfold towards dramatic conclusions. Whether mating, competing, coming of age, killing, or just plain surviving, animal life begins to take on a compelling human dimension of drama and emotion.