Esther Rantzen’s House Trap

Dame Esther Rantzen OBE has been defending consumers for 50 years. And she’s got a new target in her sights: the rogue traders who prey on Britain’s 11 million older people.

Each year there are over 169,000 doorstep hits, 85% of them on OAPs. That’s 395 every day. Every day there are stories of vulnerable older people paying over the odds for work, or even being marched to the bank to have their accounts drained. Well, our Esther’s got a message for those unscrupulous traders who think older people like her are sitting ducks – they can get stuffed themselves!

Each week, we focus on a different industry where older people are prone to being preyed on. Esther and her team identify a likely rogue. Then lure them into a specially constructed house trap, where hidden cameras and microphones capture their every move. And she’s got a ‘silver army’ of OAP undercover agents on her side, who play the part of the vulnerable homeowner. Esther’s on a mission to expose their antics for the nation to see.

So Britain’s Bad Traders – Beware!