A narrow ribbon of forest, lines the banks where the Cuiabá, the Corixo Negro and the Three Brothers rivers meet. The trees are filled with a stunning array of birds. Herds of capybara wade in the shallows. Numerous caiman glide stealthily by. And hiding in the bushes, carefully watching it all, are the jaguars.

This film follows the lives of several jaguars that live within a relatively small part of the Pantanal known as Jaguarland. Not only is this home to the highest density of jaguars found anywhere in the world, they are also the largest. These iconic predators of the Pantanal are up to twice the average weight of jaguars elsewhere. Elusive as these cats are, they emerge when it comes time to hunt. Caiman and capybara are their favourite food, which means these cats have to get wet. And, with wide open beaches of golden sand lining every bend, there are plenty of places to lie out in the sun and dry off. This is where the hunters socialize, reuniting with siblings and returning offspring and meeting potential mates.