Dogs: The Untold Story

Executive Producers: Grant Mansfield and Martha Holmes

Series Producer: Matt Brandon

From wolves to pampered pooches, this 5 part landmark series reveals how the best friend that sits at your feet became so specialised. We’ll learn how dogs became our closest allies, and see this amazing species in all its glory, living with and without man in all four corners of the planet.

From the singing dogs that lead tribal hunters to their prey, to life-saving dogs that leap from helicopters into icy-cold seas to rescue people from drowning – and even dogs that learn to drive, the series will explore the lives of dogs from across the world, both in the wild, and in their modern day homes with humans.

Life of Dogs will reveal the very latest scientific research to help us understand how individual dog breeds have evolved to perform highly specialised tasks; be it down to their amazingly acute sense of smell, their keen eyesight or their strength and stamina.

This is the definitive natural history of man’s best friend. Filmed in glorious blue-chip style, using the latest technology and innovative story-telling techniques, the series will show every single detail of the Life of Dogs and help us to understand them better than ever before.