Life’s Journey

The journey of life is a great adventure for every species on earth and there’s a seemingly infinite number of ways to approach it. This is a three-part, behavioural series exploring the various ways a colourful array of species deals with different stages of life.

Every new life brings challenges. Surviving infancy is the first hurdle to overcome. Whether it’s getting to grips with their own bodies within a matter of minutes, or putting on a growth spurt; all animals must grow up quickly and learn fast. Some have the support of a family, others must go it alone from day one. Tiny lion cubs are at risk from stampeding buffalos, and marauding male lions. Baby vervet monkeys find themselves at the mercy of their older siblings who play with them like living dolls. Minute tadpoles are abandoned as soon as they’re laid as eggs with nothing but a flimsy foam nest as protection… while a fledgling ground hornbill enjoys the divided attention of his whole family.