Prom Crazy: Frocks and Ferraris

Executive Producer: Kate Beetham

Producer/Director: Anna Keel

Love it or loathe it, the Hollywood style end of school prom has officially arrived in Britain’s schools. Every summer, the parents of half a million sixteen year olds spend hundreds of pounds on designer dresses, bridal make-overs, super-cars, spray tans and stretch limos. The UK has officially gone prom crazy and a multi-million pound industry has sprung up to cater for it.

This one-off film follows four very different teenagers and their parents as they prepare for the biggest night of their young lives so far. Alongside the prom-goers we also reveal the businesses that are prospering in this growing market. Is this just another attempt at wringing profits out of an image obsessed teenage generation, or is it the important new coming-of-age ceremony our country never had? For many teachers, parents and students, the prom marks that magical moment when a child becomes an adult.