Wild Survivors

Three films digging deeper into the strategies a variety of wild animals use to survive in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley.

Africa’s animals display an incredible diversity – countless species have evolved into endless shapes, colours and sizes. Each has its own solutions to day to day problems and each behaves differently in its quest to eat, mate and survive.

Africa’s giants, lone bull elephants and giraffes, roam the plains seeking out females in heat; while some of the smallest animals, termites, adopt the opposite tactic, emerging en masse in a nuptial flight – a numbers game to give individual the best odds of finding a mate. Crocodiles guard harems of females, chasing off any intruders. Hippo bulls will fight to the death to maintain the right to mate with a given pod of hippo cows. Baboons play a political game, forming coalitions to help them get access to higher ranking females while white-fronted bee-eaters are a much more egalitarian bunch, ensuring success of their own genes by helping raise their siblings.